Tobi Alexandra Falade

Tobi Alexandra Falade (b. 1995, Warri, Nigeria) is a Nigerian British visual artist creating figurative oil paintings engaging with narratives of modern Black British life and dialogues of African and post-colonial contexts. The compositions for her large oil paintings are created by collaging and manipulating photography of Nigeria from family albums, and her own present-day photography to draw these two different worlds together and construct new narratives.

Tobi frequently uses herself as a model within her artworks to explore narratives of identity and self. Her term ‘shadow self’, refers to a version of herself that she imagines has continued living on in Nigeria even after she was physically divorced from my country of origin, she thinks of this version as her ‘Other’ and explores this subject in a bronze mask casted from her face bearing the same title. Her distinctive manipulation of materials and the techniques she uses to approach these themes and subjects, allows her to join worlds together through her artworks, and tell her own story of being a Black British Nigerian woman.  Tobi Alexandra Falade moved to the UK aged 7 and she is based in Liverpool and London.

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