• DADA Magazine Issue 1 Cover 2/4

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DADA Magazine Issue 1 Cover 2/4

“I was born a nameless alien —a soul thrust into our reality through a portal in my mother’s womb. Let us call that nameless alien by the genderless Yoruba pronoun, Ó. Ó was a recycled soul with suppressed memories of their past lives. Energy transferred, but never lost. This compound consciousness was placed within a body which held its own instincts and ancestral coding. Some aspects of this were familiar, some were foreign. Either way, Ó was about to embark on a new life that will one day also be subsumed into this soul.” - Bunmi Agusto

Cover 2/4 of issue 1 features ‘Two Lizards, One Left’ by Bunmi Agusto. In A Creation Myth for the Self, we present an essay written by the artist on her introduction and journey into her world, ‘Within’.